The Concept of Guidance

There was a time in which I was a leader; within my family, my career. I found it easy to lead myself through simple decision making processes.

Today I find myself not leading my family, my career, or even myself at times.

There are reasons, or things I’ve identified as excuses that I’m working through.

One thing I wish I had was a mentor.

Someone to tell me when I’m fucking up, or to think about something in a different way.

I’ve been surrounded by yes men my entire life. Very few have challenged my thought.

It’s caused me to believe I’m more intelligent than most, and although I do believe in “sheeple” and don’t consider myself to be one, I can’t help but think that perhaps I’ve allowed myself to digress in life.

I really don’t think I’m as intelligent as people perceive me to be. Or maybe I’ve lost perception of myself.

Looking for guidance in a world where everyone claims to have the answers, but it’s the questions not being asked which keep me up at night.

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