Heads or Tails

Ever flip a coin to make a decision?

It begs the question: is simply making a choice more important than the choice itself?

It has to be since making a decision can cause more grief and anxiety than acting on that choice.

And what if both heads and tails don’t benefit you in a life decision?

I’ve been holding onto this idea of who I am…and I just feel like it’s become a skin I’m being forced to shed.

It’s an idea that’s held onto hope for one woman’s interest, hope that this pain and depression is finally behind me, an idea that’s evolved into identifying happiness in my everyday—a deep breath of cool and early-morning fall air—that keeps me going through the day.

I can smell the darkness in all areas of my life, but it has slowly diminished recently; I’m just not sure if it has diminished because it’s dying or if it’s due to my sense of smell desensitizing the scent.

I’m looking to the future again. And ensuring the present is recognized during the daytime.

Solitude is my friend, solitude is my enemy.

In a crowd, he isn’t there, he’s in his mind, he’s everywhere.

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