Breaking my chains to the past

I sense that the reason I don’t write as often the last couple years is that I didn’t take advantage of technology.

I’ve never been a huge fan of always having my phone out, even when I’m alone.

But using the WP app allows me to put my thoughts “on paper” in a way that makes sense, unlike having those same thoughts jumbled and misaligned in my head. And I can do it quickly soon after having these thoughts.

It’s definitely a release.

I have habits—some good, some bad—that I’ve been wanting to break.

I play a lot of video games, mostly because I feel I constantly need to be doing something with my hands; it’s just the activity I chose to do so.

But it means I sit a lot and don’t exercise enough.

I also smoke weed, not excessively in the least. But enough to strap me to the couch if I don’t get momentum during the weekends. I like it to help me relax, and relaxing is something I probably do too much!

See? Bad habits.

I’ve also felt like I haven’t owned up to my responsibility as a member of society. I need to do more for others (any ideas?).

I’m one of those people that has let the past hold them back. Failed relationships, a natural need for solitude, and a skeptical outlook on life has turned me into a metaphorical mind-hermit at the age of 30.

I know I have so many opportunities in front of me. I’m trying to reach for them…but at least I’m slowly starting to see them more clearly.

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